Why the Canon 24-105mm Lens Rocks

canon-24_105mm-canonuserI've been using Canon camera products since 1996 and embrace the fact that they are always evolving their lenses to make them the best on the market for the price.  I've recently transitioned from 3 lenses, a 28-135mm, a 24mm, and a 50mm to just the one 24-105mm.  I thought I would get more bang for my buck with the smaller pancake lenses but I was not that impressed with the images as I'd like.  About 2 months ago, I agreed to shoot a wedding for a friend and he had a 24-105mm I borrowed and was blown away by the versatility and awesome shots at 24mm all the way to 100mm.  The lens is not too big but is durable and since it is a red lens, you know it is quality.  After returning the lens, I sold my other 3 lenses and purchased the canon 24-105mm and never looked back.  What is the best all around lens in your bag?

Portable Power, Small package: EOS M3 EF-M

canon-pandsLooking for a portable solution with most of the option of a full size camera, look no further.  The Canon EOS M3 EF-M is here.  It’s about the size of a large digital point and shoot camera but with the ability to change lenses (it comes with an 18-55mm lens), this mirrorless body is a hit.  These cameras are excellent for pre-shooting or if you are traveling and don’t want to carry your full bag, the M3 does the job.

Not just great 24.2 MP images, this little giant shoots 1920x 1080 HD Video at 23.9 FPS.  It has full manual mode and takes RAW images so if you want to use it for prosumer use, it works great.  Pricing is around $599.00 USD. Here are the specs and details from the canon page.  http://ow.ly/XVCy0

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My Second Quadcopter Drone Dilemma


my-second-drone-blogI own a Syma X5SW Quadcopter drone for about 3 months and really like it but I have out grown it and am looking for the next level for around $200-$300.

I've been reviewing the Syma X8G, Cheerson X-20, and the Phantom Parrot but all have different features like a 4k camera or GPS.

If I'm looking to just shoot some cool video and not go too nuts but want something more powerful.  Any Suggestions from the community? THANKS