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      olli fill

      How and why is it that people with such opportunities to communicate and get acquainted more often feel lonely? Why? Because it’s not right. Shouldn’t the emergence of forums, social networks and messengers facilitate networking?

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      anthony drowow

      And how many scams and frauds are there online? Of course people are afraid. And in real life there is not enough time to communicate. So we become hermits. The Internet has brought us both comfort and fear, so people try to filter their online environment

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      archy bows

      It’s just that today everyone wants to build some personal boundaries in this world of the Internet. and sometimes they go overboard with it. But for example gb whatsapp allows you to hide your status from your interlocutor. So why deny yourself online communication? You just have to define for yourself how you feel more comfortable. I really don’t like crowded places, for me the Internet is a salvation.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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