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    Fridges are popular in industrial and domestic situations. No present day home or food store can do with out them. The assistance lifetime of the refrigeration system depends on the compressor. It executes one of the most important features – it pumps and compresses freon vapors in the condenser, boosts the pressure and heat in the freon.

    As it pertains time to swap a compressor, there are many details to think about. This is not only power, but also the reliability of the unit. We must keep in mind that you have several types of compressors. Among them are piston, screw and spiral. They may have various technical configuration, characteristics and above all, layout.

    The most typical are reciprocating compressors. They contain a small group of pistons (there might be around 12 of these). In the course of compressor operations, pistons compress the freon and encourage its blood circulation. The functioning compound of these a model is refrigerant vapour. You should be aware how the total list of reciprocating compressors might be diverse – it all depends in the details of your technology. The potency of this sort of system depends on the number of pistons.

    Attach compressors are seen as a a helical surface area. This sort of models work thanks to special screw rotors. It can be they who perform the primary project – the circulation and compression of freon. As opposed to reciprocating compressors, attach compressors have a great frosty potential. This is why these are commonly used in industrial air and refrigerators conditioning solutions. The ultimate setup of the screw compressor is determined by the qualities of your refrigeration equipment. These products are easy to use while they do not need valves.

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