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    “Iam planning to get my auto at 25Cheapest car insurance 17 yr old?

    I used to be parking and accidentally bumped into someones vehicle and created a small scratch. The bmw driver produced a big deal over it and got my insurance information.he allegedly got an estimate and tried to take care of issues underneath the table and never have to go thru the insurance.however I do believe the estimation is tooo much income for solving a bit damage that actually could be buffed out.I think he presently started using it fixed and still wants me to cover cause he said the supposed estimate also incluided a three-day shop fee.will the insurance still include me?what can I-do?how do you manage this case?this accident happened last week on Tuesday and he gave me the estimation Saturday.

    “I received a DUI in Florida – now as a way to get my drivers license back”We’ve 2 automobiles and currently 2 owners on our insurance (my man and that I) and we were wondering if we incorporate his mom on the website will it be cheaper? The truth is his mom doesn’t have a certificate and doesn’t understand how to get”I’m 20Got a citation because i didnt for no auto insurance have my insurance card?

    “If I am pregnant and my existing employer offered insurance covers then although maternity my spouse gets employment outofstate can his related insurance get my maternity chargesi am searching for the insurance carrier which needs xerox of the first payments during the time of reimbursment.because i have one insurance plan (wellness) distributed by my employer however the number of insurance is less.say for exp I’ve insurance of just one shortage and my need is 2 lacs and so I need to obtain health insurance plan with sum insured of 1 lac. but during the time of claim arrangement (reimbursment) both the insurance carrier will expected original bill that’ll be nearly impossible. Consequently am seeking the insurance carrier which requires xerox of the statement at the time of reimbursment.

    I know starbucks does but i was thinking if there have been any others