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    Players can certainly choose from a number of courses, simulated from over 80 famous courses all over the world.

    1. What’s 3D Golf simulator?

    Currently, the requirement for golf practice is increasing, besides relocating to suburban courses, golfers that do not have a lot of time choose for themselves the way to practice using the course model 3D Golf simulator.

    Golf 3D is additionally known by many other names including Electronic Golf, Mini Golf, or Golf simulator, Golf simulation. Here is the most realistic simulation game system of Golf sport in fact.

    Within this system of golf, rooms include clubs for players hitting the screen in front of them. The screen from the strategy is a true image system from the golf course with 18 holes of golf such as an outdoor practice field.

    The golf simulator is an ideal blend of the world’s leading advanced technologies to simulate completely like a the game in the real world. Even though you only perform operation in a really narrow space like on the job or perhaps in your home, it can accurately simulate the flight in the ball.

    What’s more, the 3D Golf simulator offers full and accurate on-screen distance, altitude, ball angle, direction, and also speed of the tee shot. Thanks to that, the ball player can clearly determine the trajectory and direction of his ball.

    Additionally, inside the 3D Golf simulator gym, in addition there are many famous golf courses, users just need to press the button and select a common the game to make use of yet still think that they’re using a greens out side.

    The Golf simulator model comprises the subsequent components:


    This is a device that simulates probably the most realistic and vivid live image and sound of your course being a famous course on earth by way of a pc.

    2. Projection screen:

    A screen that displays the look from your projector. Usually made from a thick and sturdy double-layer fabric that’s capable of withstand the effect with the player’s shots. Furthermore, this 3D projection screen will be cut for the size the playroom along with the screen.

    3. Automatic ball placing (release) machine:

    Including 2 types, automatic and semi-automatic.

    – Automatic Soccer ball Machine: An automatic machine that automatically places the ball around the Golf tee if the previously placed ball is hit by the player. With this automatic system, players don’t have to manipulate the ball, but simply focus on playing.

    – Semi-automatic golf ball placing machine: Players must press the button using feet or squeeze club within the pedal to the ball to be placed on the golf tee.

    4. Infrared touch system:

    The task of the strategy is to research and simulate the player’s performance. Once the answers are available, the pc will analyze after which give information regarding the ball’s path, the direction with the ball as well as the speed and drop point of the ball towards the player.

    5. Automatic cameras:

    Cameras will often be mounted in convenient locations, to evaluate and transfer to the computer to evaluate which help players and will determine the correct golf posture. Professional 3D Golf gym system will usually be designed with 2 Cameras: Sensor and Swing Camera.

    6. Speakers and Computer:

    Laptop computer inside the 3D Golf room system will probably be built with: 1 CPU, 1 keyboard, 1 mouse to control and operate the application. Speakers help players notice the most vivid and realistic sound during golf.

    3. Attributes of 3D Golf Model

    The Golf simulator room model can accurately simulate the ball path, along with provide full specifications: distance, height, direction, and speed of the ball… to help players increase their golf skills more and more.

    Helping players easily access the world’s major courses.

    – Not suffering from climate conditions.

    – Be proactive high time

    – Use of 3D Golf model

    – Golf simulator in your own home: will not take up much space but can bring great experiences.

    Golf 3D is additionally employed in multi-purpose entertainment areas for example game rooms, cafes, cinemas, karaoke…

    And particularly, Golf practice ground, The game, if there is a 3D Golf gym, you will have more selections for golfers:

    – For starters playing golf: it is the discovery and experience about the 3D Golf simulator

    – For those who have played Golf: it can be practice and skill improvement

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