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    Lovelyfiction – Chapter 293 seemly structure recommend-p3

    Young Glory and the Spanish Cruiser

    Novel –Dragon King’s Son-In-Law– Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

    Chapter 293 omniscient connect

    The dean with the Chinese Academy of Technology handed a great wheel that symbolized the near future innovations in the Beach Investigation Inst.i.tute to Hao Zhonghua .

    Wawawawa . . .

    After Yue Yang noticed Hao Ren’s upright facial area and recognized that he didn’t want to talk to her, she spelled out, “I used to be joining yet another occurrence before that’s why I’m somewhat later . ”

    The governors who are pleasantly communicating with Hao Zhonghua sat down in the first and following row .

    “Academician Hao, congratulations!” An established who was strolling looking at other administrators went toward Hao Zhonghua and shook his hand .

    “What is today’s service for?” Xie Yujia aimed to break the ice as Hao Ren remained quiet .

    Nonetheless, she didn’t tell Xie Yujia that just after coming back from Beijing, she experienced recently been promoted to the vice dean from the Eastern The far east Meteorology Inst.i.tute .

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    However he was obviously a world-popular scientist, he was no Frankenstein who only remained within a uninteresting clinical! Together with his capabilities and abilities, even when he didn’t create a name for himself from the scientific online community, he could still master every other professions!

    “That’s terrific, Auntie can stay in Eastern Seas Area more often from now on,” Xie Yujia responded using a teeth .

    Due to the fact Hao Ren and Xie Yujia’s seating weren’t located in the middle, they weren’t worried the camcorders would hook them specifically .

    “What is today’s marriage ceremony for?” Xie Yujia aimed to burst the ice as Hao Ren continued to be noiseless .

    “A while in the past, your father was the vice-director of a large-scope researching project,” Xie Yujia, who always look at newspapers’ scientific disciplines portion, thought to Hao Ren gently .

    Yue Yang nodded happily and was amazed by this practical Minor Carrot as she fully understood her views .

    Even though it sounded as an solution to Xie Yujia’s question, it absolutely was intended for Hao Ren .

    The dean in the Chinese Academy of Research given a golden wheel that showed the long term improvements of your Beach Investigation Inst.i.tute to Hao Zhonghua .

    Even though he became a world-well known scientist, he was no Frankenstein who only stayed in a tedious clinical! Regarding his abilities and skills, even when he didn’t produce a term for himself from the controlled online community, he could still succeed in some other job areas!

    Being the inauguration marriage ceremony was approximately to start, reporters from several Television programs stations and tabloids were actually preparing .

    Nevertheless, irrespective of what, she was Hao Zhonghua’s better half . Thus, she simply had to show up at her husband’s inauguration wedding service and demonstrate to her support without taking hold of the spotlight from him!

    After that, was the inauguration service .

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    Soon after figuring out Yue Yang’s idea, Hao Ren viewed her, with his fantastic manifestation wasn’t as cool because it was ahead of .

    Under Huang Xujie’s peculiar gaze, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia transferred to the car seats on the perfect facet on the 1st row .

    “h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo!” Yue Yang nodded .

    The governors who have been politely chatting with Hao Zhonghua sat down in the foremost and next row .

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    On the podium, Hao Zhonghua, who has been tranquil and attractive, technically started his dialog .

    “Now, we would like to publicize which the chairman with the Mingri Crew, Mr . Zhao Guang, has provided 300 million yuan of analysis finances towards Beach Investigation Inst.i.tute!” The hold of your marriage ceremony released .

    Although he was really a planet-well known scientist, he was no Frankenstein who only stayed within a uninteresting research laboratory! Together with his skills and skills, even if he didn’t come up with a good name for himself during the medical group, he could still master other segments!

    Significantly less study and more managing operate . Not only performed he not shed his controlled study vocation, but he might also hang out with his child .

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    She didn’t desire to be long-winded, but she also didn’t wish to see the relations.h.i.+p between Hao Ren and Yue Yang turn into firm .

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    Upcoming, was the inauguration wedding service .

    Consequently, all she could do was in order to keep your conversation proceeding until the service started .

    “The country has high expect you, and I’m just here to show the assistance in the Jiangdong Province! From the researching placement to your operations situation, there can be an adaptation approach . Don’t overwork your self!” Provincial Governor Liu stated encouragingly since he patted Hao Zhonghua’s shoulder .

    She was eager to fix the estrangement between Hao Ren and his mothers and fathers . How could Hao Ren not comprehend her pleasant intent? His heart was touched because he was remaining presented by Xie Yujia’s small, and clean hand .