• Bendixen Dawson posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Obtained the location burned down as well as $89000.00 in Insurance. Now the insurance doesn’t what things to pay.

    Is eCar a reliable auto insurance ?

    How much is monthly insurance rates?

    “I was within an accident where someone side-swiped me ($5.5k value of damage). I had only acquired the vehicle four weeks prior to the collision from CarMax. From interest I returned to find out what CarMax would provide me and so they provided $18k. The automobile is now only 7 days old in my own title and 3 days of it was inside the repair shop! Does anyone have experience with working with auto insurance corporations and worth that is reduced? I live-in NC and know that it is one of the states that’s reduced importance. I do want to recover as much of the distinction as you can and because the vehicle is really new (to me)”I observed that it’s”Alright”If I set a-1 million dollar life- insurance coverage on myself then I buy 3 months get hit with a vehicle