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    Container Partner Company – 11 several years of productive work available in the market of rail and sea containers with representative office buildings in 11 towns of your European Federation. All the different professional services includes the sale of the latest and utilized models with shipping to the regions.

    Important highlights of the company

    A wide selection of sea containers from the carry of your company, our company is wide open for each customer, you could privately visit the terminal and check out the container with this agent.

    Strategy to every client, we shall consider all strategies and circumstances of delivery and payment.

    Before purchasing a compartment, the administrator provides you with true images, and you can pick and publication the container you want.

    Company openness and transparency – Authorized responsibility of the firm displayed through the Chief executive officer, protection against scams, self confidence from the outcome

    Quality guarantee – Potential for swap or give back of your compartment, the health of which is not going to meet the criteria set ahead

    Customer support is extremely important regardless how tiny or sizeable the customer, whether or not their demands are for used or new containers, pot conversions and adaptations or maintenance.

    With depots in numerous areas across the nation we can get your container for your needs as quickly as possible.

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