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    Chapter 709 abrupt road

    It was the empress’ ability or rather, a regulation she had been able to command!

    Gu Siping was gloomy after such judgments, but also, he discovered your situation and realized they had to appease her.

    He didn’t resemble a shrewd, stylish aged man presently he was working more like a happy boy or girl.

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    Su Ping’s pupils contracted. She will see the laws of annihilation around my sword technique?

    Back into the structure location, somebody expected in impact and suspicion, “Who’s that gentleman? The reason why his curly hair reddish? Is he a demon? Is he a crazy monster, just like the empress who converted into a individual?”

    Ji Yuanfeng gritted his tooth and explained, “Your Majesty, we’ve coexisted for decades, us on area while you concept within the seas. I can identify that you’re not truly coveting our areas, but in the event you want them, we can share another continents in case you extra one for individuals.”

    Ji Yuanfeng and also the Deputy Chief were nervously investigating her, anticipating her answer.

    It seemed that they had to give his previous strike to the empress.

    The empress furrowed her brows and reported impatiently, “Do you even have to think of this? Aren’t you fearful of dying?”

    Su Ping was shocked.

    “Promises are equally bulls*it! Inform your excel at to hold on camouflaging if he’s still lively, mainly because I’ll wipe out him generally if i see him just as before!”

    Su Ping lost his perseverance upon thinking of this kind of situation.

    “First, you will need to fixed everybody cost-free if you wish me to instruct the crooks to you,” claimed Su Ping coldly.

    The Ocean Sovereign?

    That technique was the only one that may support him avoid.

    It had been quite like the landscape where Ji Yuanfeng’s tornadoes have been freezing. On the other hand, Su Ping’s Fist of Exorcist contained divine power, which in fact had a penetrative characteristics that may hardly be sure. Having said that, it absolutely was frozen at this time!

    So, n.o.entire body realized if he was still living he may very well be, but he has never been viewed. He may very well be dead, but his system has never been identified and Gu Siping never well prepared a funeral for his master.

    Su Ping arrived returning to his senses whenever the empress talked once more he realized the weakness he possessed just revealed. He a little altered his expression, reduced to discover that she didn’t do anything. Meanwhile, he taken care of the empress far more solemnly.

    That method was the only person that could support him break free.

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    “You can consider!” Su Ping elevated his sword and sneered.

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    “Do you really think I’m interested in your superficial guidelines? I’ll comprehensive my guidelines in another hundred… No, decade!”

    When Su Ping was going to invasion, the empress looked to him. In truth, her focus have been aimed at him constantly even though she talked to others.

    The fire was gone.

    It appeared that he or she were forced to give his final come to for the empress.

    That lord?

    Amazed and infuriated, Gu Siping explained, “Your Majesty, you’re going back in your message! Commemorating claims is exactly what concerns most to individuals! You principle over millions of wilderness beasts. In case you proceeded to go lower back on your own concept so quickly, wouldn’t your subordinates mock you? In addition to, my excel at continues to be lively. The pact still stands!”