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    Nearsightedness or myopia is the director inside the ranking of perspective difficulties. Using this sickness, an individual ceases to clearly distinguish things at lengthy ranges, he needs to squint, transfer the writing even closer to his eyeballs. As well, the eye area strain, get fatigued, which more boosts the bad diopters. What techniques are there right now to increase visible acuity?


    The oldest and most widespread method of increasing perspective in the event of myopia. We all know that with minor myopia (as much as -3. diopters), sunglasses are experimented with never to be recommended for continuous dress in. Because glasses, restoring visual acuity, weaken the eye muscles, and this contributes to the growth of myopia, they are used only when necessary.

    With myopia more than 3. diopters, glasses are prescribed for constant wear, because vision is reduced to the point where glasses can no longer be dispensed with. With higher myopia (a lot more than 6. diopters), in choosing the effectiveness of the contact lenses, your physician prescribes not really a total correction, however the so-named threshold correction, i.e. one which the person tolerates. As well, a person will not see 100% in eyeglasses. The intolerance of full spectacle correction for myopia is associated with many reasons, but the main one is a significant reduction in the image due to spectacle lenses.

    It is not easy to get accustomed to sunglasses when myopia is along with astigmatism (this really is some deviation of the cornea of ? ?the attention from the form of a sphere along with an approximation to the model of an ellipsoid). In this instance, complicated cups with cylindrical cups are given. Correction with servings of anisometropia (diverse visual power of two view) is also a major problem. The intolerance of complete correction in cases like this is associated to the development of photos of various styles in the retina, that the brain is incapable of merge in a one total. A persons head itself battles this deficiency, deflecting the inadequately experiencing eyesight aside (as a result squint grows) or lowering the graphic acuity of merely one vision (the so-called "very lazy eyes" or amblyopia grows). This case contributes to things that require long term treatment to restore eyesight.

    Lazy eye also grows in fresh preschool children with not complete correction of substantial myopia. Lower eyesight in such a case is not renewed, and the success of the procedure is definitely the greater, the sooner a whole vision correction is approved.

    Disposable lenses

    It should be noted that many of these problems are properly resolved by contacts. However, she does not exclude the use of glasses as an additional means of vision correction. A contact zoom lens, unlike cups, can be found immediately on the outside of your eyeball which is segregated from the front side surface of the vision only with a coating of tears. Due to close refractive indices of your materials from where the contact tears, cornea and lens are made, the camera lens varieties one particular visual process together with the eye. With this method, the attention muscles work as in the healthier eyesight, and weakened overnight accommodation is trained, which is among the causes of the progression of myopia. Thus, contact lenses for myopia are not only a means of correcting vision, but also a means of treatment.

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