• Thuesen Decker posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    In order to contribute to the universalization of digital financial services to all Vietnamese people, up to now, Minh Long Finance is continuing to develop into a comprehensive, sustainable digital financial system.

    To make this happen, Minh Very long Finance’s management staff exceeding ten years of expertise in the job areas of Technology,Finance and Banking, and so forth. has usually proactively considered, anticipated, continuously and judged proactive with business and strategies plans ideal to all of advancements of the pandemic, including but not limited by the next procedures:

    1. Ensuring staff protection, stable procedure and service supply

    Soon after greater than a 12 months of improvising together with the Covid-19 pandemic, Minh Lengthy Finance’s management staff swiftly and quickly examined the pandemic situation and implemented distant operating (WFH) with all workers. early on as soon as the increasing incidence shows signs of returning. This ensures that the company always has ample man resources to provide and operate providers to consumers.

    Whether or not doing work remotely or in your house, Minh Extended Finance’s employees still makes certain that financial providers provided to buyers and buyers are secure 24/7 according to an advanced electronic foundation.

    2. Clear investment monthly interest, guaranteeing lasting improvement

    Minh Long Finance always focuses on enterprise towards users, society and community. As this is the decisive element for your environmentally friendly growth and development of the company.

    Loan interest interest and rates charges for expense collaboration via Minh Long Finance will always be translucent, the best in the marketplace. Having a neighborhood-driven objective, Minh Long Finance constantly offers, links, and is always end user-oriented for lasting growth by way of useful gratitude courses.

    Always maintain abreast of economic, market and social developments. Make an effort toprevent and assess, and rapidly deploy accommodating business strategies and plans consistent with truth. Minh Long Finance’s staff is focused on delivering users and customers having a stable, comprehensive and safe and eco friendly computerized economic system – even through the Covid-19 pandemic and also the condition of ” new normal” in in the future levels.

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