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    Novel– The Bloodline System – The Bloodline System

    Chapter 334 – Losing The Fight canvas absorbed


    Endric, who has been still on the skies, extended out his left palm also.


    The beam started off ripping an opening through the middle of telekinetic the wall surfaces.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Various plants were blown a part. A smallish crater was developed at the purpose of affect due to strength in the explosion.

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    Gustav’s view squinted as he stared at Endric intently while still making use of the purplish beam to develop openings over the telekinetic wall space.

    Endric opened his view and moved both hands forward before Gustav could collide with him, delivering a telekinetic wall structure towards him.

    “Structural Evaluation,” He voiced out because he set two hands and fingers of his left hand on his forehead and stared at Gustav.

    As Endric paused to get an immediate to approach Gustav’s ideas, he believed anything behind him and transformed all over.

    He heightened his top of your head and stared at Endric, who has been still floating in middle of the-fresh air several hundred feet over him.

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    “It can be through,” Endric voiced out because he started his eyes.

    Endric launched his vision and moved both palms forward right before Gustav could collide with him, giving a telekinetic wall in the direction of him.

    The sound of our bones cracking reverberated throughout the location as Endric’s entire body slammed into many trees and shrubs ahead of time, toppling them in the operation.

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    He was approximately to conjure one more when he recognized his trembling fingertips, ‘I’ve utilized a lot electricity. I actually have to terminate it now,’ Endric thought to himself while he descended in the fresh air and landed around the layers of telekinetic surfaces Gustav was currently lifting.


    As Endric paused for any instantaneous to course of action Gustav’s terms, he noticed one thing behind him and turned close to.

    Gustav threw the rest of the element of the tree aside and dashed forward again.

    Gustav threw the remainder of the part of the shrub aside and dashed forward yet again.

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    A cloud of azure surf of strength instantly dealt with the complete vicinity resulting in severe destruction.

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    As Endric paused to have an prompt to method Gustav’s terms, he noticed one thing behind him and switched all over.

    Endric, who had been still within the skies, stretched out his kept palm also.


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    The plant also snapped by 50 percent after the crash. Even so, this didn’t restrict Gustav in any way.

    “The wall surfaces of will… Smash!” Endric voiced out while he stretched out his palm with level.


    Gustav all of a sudden flew out from the blast, far too, on the route with the child together with his kept arm extensive in the opposite direction.

    After a few mere seconds of going over the terrain, Endric’s entire body got to an end just after smashing in to a tree.

    Gustav ignored him caused by that motion as Endric flew during a hundred toes in to the air in an instant.


    Gustav could explain to that Endric was approximately to employ a insane technique, so he increased the pressure from which he was firing the purplish beam from his oral cavity.