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    novel My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion read – Chapter 149 – Fiancée harass odd quote-p1

    Novel – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

    Chapter 149 – Fiancée lush disagreeable

    Following getting the matrimony certificates, these people were called into the Kunlun Major Hallway.

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    Which would only be triggering problems for him or her self.

    Ao Longyu’s appearance restrained him from locating a Dao mate.

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    Jiang Lan was fascinated. Another bash didn’t apparently dislike him in any way.


    “This is just how I actually search. I’m not really a baby,” Ao Longyu spelled out.


    Jiang Lan came to a realization when he read Ao Longyu’s thoughts. He checked out Ao Longyu in surprise.

    Miao Yue only reported.

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    Section 149: Fiancée

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    On the other hand, he still took the novel. Then, he spotted that the e-book was stuffed with calligraphy.

    Jiang Lan glanced at Ao Longyu beside him. He was too new to her so he did not recognize how to start talking to her.

    Jiang Lan originally considered that it was actually to fulfill the Dragon competition as well as other Summit Managers of Kunlun.

    It had been just as if she found the frustration in Jiang Lan’s view.

    Ao Longyu’s physical appearance restricted him from getting a Dao friend.

    “This is really a gift item to say thanks to Junior Buddy for permitting me see the correct purpose in the Dragon Slaying Sword.”

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    “I wonder if all those retirees will come in and say something.”

    “Not this.” Ao Longyu pressed the marriage official document back.

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    “I’m slightly inquisitive. Never you are feeling wronged?” Jiang Lan requested gently.

    Ao Longyu decreased her brows and dropped calm.

    “This is often a gift to give thanks to Junior Brother for making me have the true purpose of your Dragon Slaying Sword.”

    Will be the time once they received wedded.

    “I question if individuals aging adults will come in and say anything.”

    Individuals that developed all focused to realized immortality. Even though there seemed to be still some yardage between him and immortality, his finished objective was definitely to attain immortality.

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    Ao Longyu spoke inside a small voice, but she was still as sooth as ever.

    After a very long time, the wedding ceremony got to a conclusion and everybody started to leave.

    But he didn’t consult further more.

    Miao Yue only stated.

    Jiang Lan was calm. So he was tricked by Xiao Yu earlier on?

    That was everyone’s initial aim, or possibly a entire life target.