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    Novel – Divine Emperor of Death – Divine Emperor of Death

    Chapter 1400 – Is That Chu Feng Still Alive? big heap

    Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss could only get himself indicating of course you will find, over and over. He felt his confront burn off, but he also felt that he or she couldn’t do much about this when he sensed just like a child being berated by his mom. Ancestor Cornelia’s tone of voice was will no longer frosty but enjoyable to know just as if she was only chiding him to never do bad things.

    “Excellent, now give back the spatial engagement ring of Minimal Magnus for the Medieval Treasury. Depending on the guidelines from the sect, no loved ones are in a position to keep the Legacy Treasures as soon as the loss of life of these Ancestor and applies precisely the same even to another Ancestor the exact same or perhaps a various household. Moreover, all Higher-Level Emperor Grade and above armaments, items, and heavenly resources will probably be confiscated unless these treasures absolutely belonged to Minimal Magnus or Rein Spouse and children by themselves. Are we crystal clear?”

    When exactly obtained Ancestor Cornelia probed them? They didn’t even see it approaching!


    Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss then eventually left, leaving the three of these within this hallway with Ancestor Cornelia. He did not reminisce in any way, looking like he was moving towards the Historical Treasury.

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    “Elder Chu Feng, was it? End up~”

    She viewed Sect Grasp Lea Weiss that has a difficult glint in the eye.

    Chapter 1400 – Is Always That Chu Feng Still Alive?

    “Judging from this attribute, this flames needs to be from my ancestor, the Flame Phoenix, arizona.”

    Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss then remaining, making three of the of those during this hallway with Ancestor Cornelia. He failed to reminisce by any means, looking like he was moving towards the Early Treasury.

    “I needed to merely have revenge on Valerian because he poisoned and murdered my Raka. Having said that, that Chu Feng was unique. I had no clue he can use Loss Guidelines, and neither does I know he had a chance to destroy Ancestor Magnus Rein. Even so, he managed notify that he could destroy them, which I considered was nonsense because there’s not a way just King Heart and soul Level or maybe a Ninth Point Giant could enter into the sect and murder men and women right and left.”

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    Sect Become an expert in Lea Weiss looked to notice that Ancestor Cornelia still obtained that nice look in her encounter. It was actually as though she didn’t trouble while using disrespect, creating her skepticism if there had been something different with it.

    “When you have absolutely nothing to say, it is possible to leave behind, Minimal Reinhardt. Forget about this make a difference and grow tricky in seclusion so that you will may arrive at the Martial Overlord Point, managing to prolong your lifespan to fifty thousand yrs. The fires within your already withered power is often reignited even though you still have the opportunity, in contrast to me that have gotten to the highest of what I could obtain, so don’t ever stop trying.”

    It was okay for Minor s.h.i.+rley to generally be of this nature but for Minor Lea to be shocked as well as her became a tad intriguing to her when she suddenly realized that Little Lea could’ve did not identify that the person she was working with a enchanting monster that possessed an entirely developed power over its heart and soul.

    When exactly acquired Ancestor Cornelia probed them? They didn’t even look at it approaching!

    “It was actually merely a reckless oversight on my own element not to understand his Dying Laws and regulations or his utilization of that horrifying instakill disciplines. His hurting velocity was the quickest I had experienced which i felt basically if i blinked, I might have passed away on top of that for all the insults I needed hurled at him in the past, considering he was spouting nonsense before this all took place..”


    “It’s great, Very little Lea…” Ancestor Cornelia suddenly spoke out.

    “Nonetheless, I, Sect Excel at Lea Weiss, deserves to get reprimanded…!”

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    Sect Expert Lea Weiss’s crimson pupils trembled. She took an in-depth air, somewhat creating herself stress-free before her lips migrated behind the crimson veil.

    Sect Grasp Lea Weiss and s.h.i.+rley slightly calm when they discovered that Ancestor Cornelia was still discussing amicably, but they also were amazed, tongue-bound to even respond to this particular scenario.

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    “Yes…” Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss gritted his tooth enamel and clarified.

    Ancestor Cornelia’s lips twitched.

    “What? You two really imagined you can cover it from me when I’m this special…?”

    “What? The two of you really idea you might conceal it from me when I’m this near…?”

    Everyone was difficult admiration, and in many cases mystical beasts weren’t any total stranger with it. The fact is, awesome beasts demanded far more consideration than people because it fulfills their instinct as being a race to reign over another race. It was subsequently the typical reality around the world, so she couldn’t support but realize its dubious.

    Sect Become an expert in Lea Weiss and s.h.i.+rley slightly tranquil as they found that Ancestor Cornelia was still talking amicably, nonetheless they were still stunned, tongue-tied to even answer to this circumstance.

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    “You will still ought to have consequence even when I do believe otherwise. But, I want to enhance the sect prior to I pass on in some or thereabouts several years to ensure there would at the very least be considered a Optimum-Point 9th Level Leader left behind to defend the sect because i does.”

    Was her finding out that they had this peculiarity within them so astounding? Can it be they will underrated her prowess, the expertise associated with a Highest-Stage Emperor Monster Stage Wonderful Beast? Especially a one which had crossed its lifespan’s limits and was now teetering in the side of dying?

    Sect Expert Lea Weiss turned to realize that Ancestor Cornelia still got that pleasurable grin on her face. It absolutely was like she didn’t hassle with all the disrespect, generating her doubt if there were another thing for it.

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    Ancestor Cornelia observed her together with her brows furrowed. Following what appeared to be a long although, she exposed her dehydrated-up mouth area.

    Sect Master Lea Weiss pursed her mouth, searching relocated again just before she kowtowed again.