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    My reminiscences are based round occasions that I did with folks that I liked spending time with, not really about the content I cleared or the quests I did. MJ Guthrie: I can be spending time on the soccer field. With the huge health pools in Cata, I was wondering how much will top bandages will heal for? I’ve by no means misplaced anything quite as big because the player who misplaced 22 billion ISK in PLEX, but I am going to by no means live down the time I was caught mining in a dreadnought and the enemy dropped half their capital fleet on top of me. As for the bonus question, I don’t suppose I’ve ever invested anything beyond my subscription in any MMO I’ve ever played, so I can’t really say I’ve misplaced something either. This week has been crazy hectic — both within the MMO world and on the whole. Patrick Mackey (@mackeypb): I’m going to be enjoying World of Tanks this weekend, some Gratuitous Area Battles, and naturally, StarCraft II.

    We’ve seen the information that Earth Eternal is probably going heading for shutdown, listened to plenty of sad individuals talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic’s house being on-rails, seen a handful of the ArenaNet workforce bounce ship to Undead Labs, and extra. The intended audience for WoW progression servers would possibly very well be lost subscribers who left because of change, not current players who might or is probably not nostalgic for the old days. Also, my future self despatched me back a message in time and instructed me that he can’t resolve to play Guild Wars 2, The Old Republic or sleep. wow wiki Been called a spammer, reported, advised I ruined the sport, been cheered, been idolized and even asked to help with homework. Even if someone is giving inaccurate information, wait until they’re finished before chiming in. While the pirate pair didn’t get to maintain those seventy four PLEX, they do get bragging rights for the pod heard ‘spherical the world — at the least until someone does one thing crazier, anyway.

    It really made me indignant till considered it for some time. Each cases had been in Lineage 2. As a single item, it would have to be the top-of-the-line bow (cannot remember the title of it off-hand) that was dropped when my mates determined to horse around whereas I used to be afk a moment and obtained me killed. They didn’t even discover the bow on the ground and didn’t choose it up (and hoped I would by no means even discover I died). Fortunately, their customer support fixed issues quickly, so I did not even technically lose it. I believe the one things I’ve misplaced to MMOs have been portions of my sanity (overrated anyway), and many sleep. Bonus query: I used to be devastated the primary time I was PKed in Ultima Online and lost all my stuff. As for the bonus question: Probably the most expensive thing I ever lost in an MMO? Impressed by that information story, we determined to ask the workforce what the biggest factor they’ve ever misplaced was in an MMO.

    Pop regulation abounds within the Lawbringer, your weekly dose of WoW, the legislation, video games and the MMO style. Brianna Royce: No video games for me this weekend as I am touring again and packing for a transfer next week. Eliot Lefebvre: This weekend is going to be packed to the gills. I am going to abstain from answering this question. These are always a blast since you just by no means know what is going to occur. I truthfully do not know why it has caught on how it has or how individuals discover it so interesting. So now everyone on the server appears to know me, whether or not they’ve me on /ignore or not. I can’t help but sensible over that one even now. Why do I bring it up now? Why do you suppose players find this so fascinating? Panda WoW is a non-public server that hosts 1000’s of online players. Because of powerful hardware setup, this server is the most stable personal with WotLK addition – and that is the most legendary WoW addition. Do you have to pay to play in your non-public server?